Monday, February 14, 2005

Grant Writing

I've spent a considerable amount of time researching grant writing in recent months, as well as working on becoming a more succinct writer. This blogsite, for example, is another attempt to improve my writing ability. In the days ahead I'll update this site to include a number of links to grant writing resources. I'll also post on various grantwriting topics, so this site will turn into a small grantwriting workshop. You'll learn as I learn. If you want to follow along with me as I write my own proposal, I have the ability to email you and let you know when I'm posting another item related to a topic you're interested in.

I'm doing this primarily to get myself funded, but also to help my friends do the type of work they have in their hearts. I know I won't make any money off of this blog process. You're all great people and I'm damn lucky to know you. If you work for a nonprofit or you have a specific idea about something that you'd like to get funded, give me a shout. We may be able to help one another.

I've also done some research into writing business plans and small business startups, what types of loans are available and who can get them, what you need to take to the meeting with your banker, etc. I have a ton of info on this as well, enough that I think I could help a stranger get started. From the number of questions I've gotten from various folks in recent months, this seems to be a needed service. I'll be posting that info after I get some of the non-profit funding stuff online. There are a ton of resources, I'll put links on the left side of this page and delete what's there now. This website will double or triple in size in the coming weeks.

Also, you might notice that there's now a Google search engine at the top of this page. USE IT! I get paid everytime you use it! Also there will be banner ads on the top of this page soon, probably tomorrow, so CLICK ON THEM! I get paid everytime you click on one of the ads!

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