Tuesday, October 31, 2006

BROWNFIELDS: Clean-up to Begin in Port Hope

Port Hope, in Huron County, just landed a $750,000 Brownfield Redevelopment Loan to be used to clean-up nine individual parcels located near the shore of Lake Huron. The Port Hope Redevelopment Project is located on 24 acres near downtown that was formerly a wastewater treatment plant, grain elevator, tannery, a train depot area, and petroleum distribution center. The funding announced today was awarded as a part of Govenor Granholm's "Jobs Today/Jobs Tomorrow" initiative.

Hope for Port Hope! Private investment of $19,000,000 is anticipated. This has the potential to create 25 full-time jobs in a village of approximately 300. The new use for the properties will be residential units near the lakeshore, and commercial units near the downtown corridor.

The state of Michigan's Brownfield Redevelopment Grant and Loan Program provides funds to local government for clean-up of brownfield properties where redevelopment is proposed. Brownfield properties are vacant or abandoned properties with known or suspected chemical contamination. The Brownfield Redevelopment Grant and Loan Program has provided $129 million for 303 projects statewide since it began in 1988.

There is, of course, much more to be done. There are a lot of toxic chemical dump sites in Michigan.

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