Sunday, May 27, 2007

Utter Stupidity Reigns in Washington DC

I am disgusted and appalled that my elected representatives voted in favor of the recent war spending bill. I have completely lost faith in the Democratic Party. They have shown themselves to be toothless, spineless wimps. The citizens of this country have been betrayed by our leadership. Our president is a fool, and our Congress follows him blindly.

What possible reason could anyone have to continue funding this fucking war? What is wrong with these people? Are they blind to the death and destruction? Are they blind to the global hatred of Americans? Are they so deaf and dumb as to actually consider that continued support of the murder and torture of the Iraqi people is justified? What do they think $100,000,000,000 will buy us? More secret prisons where young men are tortured and killed? More bullets to kill innocent children in the streets of Ramadi?

Those who vote for war will not get my vote! I will support those who vote for peace, vote for schools, vote for poverty relief, vote for feeding the hungry, vote for the environment, but never, Never will I support any elected official who voted to continue this war.

Senator Stabenow and Senator Levin should be ashamed of themselves. We should kick them out of office the next chance we get.

Only 13 out of 100 Senators voted against additional war funding. We should drag the other 87 out of their offices out into the street and kick them all in the nuts for being such fucking idiots. It's time we replaced EVERYONE in Washington DC.


Anonymous said...

Well said!!!! Is it any wonder that the United States is loosing its standing in more and more nations every day? With the leadership that we have now why should we expect that Iraq or any other nation would want what we have to offer? It's gotten to the point where stupidity no longer buys friends despite the dollar amount!

Jerome Alicki said...

NeoCons are bad for business.