Thursday, November 08, 2007


Overwhelmed with the daily drumbeat of work, commute, family and more, I could use some writing assistance with Black Bear Speaks. The quality and timeliness of The Bear is slipping due to inattention and increasing importance of other projects.

I can't pay anyone, Black Bear Speaks does not turn a profit. But what you'll get from writing for the Bear is name recognition in the environmental community in Michigan. I've worked hard to ensure that many non-profit leaders in the Great Lakes are aware of the site. Right now, Black Bear Speaks gets approximately 600 to 900 unique readers per month (Google Analytics). Black Bear Speaks is influencing decision making on the state level, regional legislators read the Bear. For journalism students out there who want to get your writing noticed, this is an opportunity for you.

I'm looking for writers who can cover the following topics - all or some of them - whatever you are comfortable with:
  • new green businesses in the Great Lakes
  • Great Lakes water quality ( toxics in groundwater and lakes)
  • new government environmental regulation... or government non-regulation and stupidity
  • Non-profit environmental organization activities
  • miscellaneous topics that affect the health of the Lakes.

    So, from this point forward, SUBMISSIONS ARE WELCOMED!!! Click the contact link at the top of the page, and help me take the Bear to the next level.

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