Sunday, December 02, 2007

Book Review: Self-Sufficency Handbook

The Self-Sufficency Handbook
A Complete Guide to Greener Living
Alan and Gill Bridgewater

If anyone in your family is considering a shift to a greener way of living, you should pick up this guide for the holidays. With easy-to-read layouts and simple text, it runs the full gamut, from geothermal heating to crop rotation to soap making. The Bridgewaters help readers answer questions such as how much land they really require, whether or not to depend entirely on natural forms of energy, and which farm animals will best meet their needs. There's practical information on building an insulated flue-pipe chimney, identifying edible wild plants, and composting with worms. There is also a recipe for sauerkrat that I'm trying right now. In addition to recipes for jams, rhubarb wine, and other delicious foods, three A-Z sections offer planting and harvesting instructions for vegetables and salad crops, fruits, and herbs.

One of the biggest problems we have in our society, I think, is that we've lost the knowledge to grow and store our own food. We are at the mercy of the big agriculture corporations and big box stores that shovel us full of poisonous crap. Do yourself and your family a favor and spend a little time with this great book.

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