Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Sunoco to Pay $173,310 for Air Quality Violations at Marcus Hook Refinery

Over in the NOT-SO-GREEN corner for the past year is Sunoco, which has ordered to pay $173,310 in penalties for pollution violations at its refinery in Marcus Hook, PA.

In May 2008 a broken boiler released 8.3 tons of carbon monoxide. Two incidents in June 2008 resulted in 18.1 tons of volatile organic compounds being released into the atmosphere, along with 1,300 gallons of oil. These incidents resulted in residential damage claims and odor complaints.

In December 2008, a compressor shutdown resulted in the release of 3.93 tons of nitrogen oxides and 8.09 tons of volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere.

Storage tank violations in June, September and November 2008 involved seal problems and an oil leak, which was NOT reported to the Pennsylvania Dept of Environmental Protection. Sunoco was also cited for failing to perform various inspections of instruments, tank hatches and ventilation systems.

So, let's continue to shine on a light Sunoco for a bit.

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