Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Death of Suburbia

I was just reading an article that postulated a $4/gallon gasoline within the next 6 months increasing to $6/gallon by the end of the Bush administration. The author concluded that whether or not this comes about is up to all of us... and you can bet that none of us is going to change.

So many questions for the suburbanites. What happens to the commute? What happens to the people in the endless cul de sacs who will no longer have the means to drive to work? What happens to the SUV driving moms now that Peak Oil is here. What are you folks gonna do now that you're trapped out there on denuded former farmland that you paved over with driveways and basketball courts? Can you grow your own food? Can you teach your children to grow THEIR own food? You can't seriously expect to be able to afford to eat at $4.19, $5.29, or $6.09 a gallon. Can you? You think that a cost of living adjustment to your paycheck is right around the corner? Move now dumbasses...

I suppose you could move back to the city. Hmmm, what part of the city are you going to be able to afford? Who in their right mind is going to want to buy your house out in the middle of the woods? Good luck selling your incredibly huge home with the massive gas bill... do you realize that propane is a hydrocarbon too?

Perhaps I am too pessimistic. Perhaps I'm the cynic... Nah, good luck trying to find an apartment in the city near your work, sucker. Food prices in the city are going to be beyond your reach as well. Better stay where you are, on your quiet lonely cul de sac, bitching about your neighbors kids on your immaculate, chemically saturated lawn. So long for know, I'll be talking to you later when I'm installing solar panels on your roof so that you can run your stupid x-box.

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