Wednesday, October 05, 2005

My political campaign?

Three people in the last four weeks have suggested that I pursue a career in politics, specifically that I should run for local office. My response to the first of these folks was a giggle. But then it came up again. Then it happened again two weeks later. The third person actually said to me, "Dude, I'd vote for you and I almost never vote." I did not initiate any of these comments or conversations.

I've considered politics a number of times. I was a poli-sci major for a bit even. (Okay my housemates in college used to call me Governor Jerry.) I thought briefly of running as a Green Party candidate for Grand Rapids City Council twice in 2004. The problem that I am faced with is that I do belong to the Green Party and anyone who has ever looked at the financial status of Greens in Grand Rapids can tell you that the local party is broke. The Michigan Green Party doesn't have that much cash either. I have little confidence that there is enough cash in the coffers for them to support a campaign in Grand Rapids.

But, if not Grand Rapids, where else? GR's core is made up of hip, young, urban eco-heads. You can't swing a cat here without hitting an environmentalist. (Grand Rapids is actually listed on as one of the top cities in which to live as a hippie!) The Greens have a foothold. The last mayoral election produced over 750 votes for the Green candidate. He was homeless, maybe unemployed, didn't even list his last name on the ballot... and he got almost 5% of the vote! The winning candidate, TheHonorable Reverend Mayor George Heartwell is a left-leaning pro-business mayor who is pushing sustainable development and alternative energy policies. GR is ripe for a guy like me.

So, if you think I should run let me know. Also, if you think you want to support my campaign financially, I will need - I'm estimating - approximately $50,000 to $75,000 to win a seat on the city council. So, start forking over the cash... no, drive it over in a truck filled with garbage bags full of cash. I'm talking about tv spots, lawn signs, the works. This will be a professionally run campaign, there will attorneys to pay, etc.

So where do I stand? Read the 10 Key Green values on the Kent County Green Party website. I agree with these and therefore can sincerely call myself a Green. Think about it.

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