Thursday, October 20, 2005

Venezuela to Expel U.S. Evangelical Group

CARACAS, Oct 12 (IPS) - Venezuela will expel the U.S. evangelical group New Tribes Mission, which has been active in indigenous communities along the southern border with Colombia and Brazil since 1946, President Hugo Chavez announced Wednesday.

"They will leave Venezuela," said the president. "They are agents of imperialist penetration. They gather sensitive and strategic information and are exploiting the Indians. So they will leave, and I don't care two hoots about the international consequences that this decision could bring."

Since the 1970s, New Tribes has drawn heavy criticism from many quarters, including leftist political groups, environmentalists, indigenous organizations, academics, Catholic Church leaders and even members of the military. The controversial group has been accused of prospecting for strategic minerals on behalf of transnational corporations and of the forced acculturation and conversion of indigenous people.

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Leslie said...

Rid ourselves of the evangelicals? Sounds like a great idea. And one way we might be able to do it would be to impose property and income tax on all religious institutions. I doubt the Catholics would go for it and there would be one hulluva ruckus raised. Churches and religious organizations (Universities, monasteries, convents, private schools) pay no tax yet interfere with the political process through anti-choice and anti gay-rights campaigns. If we tax 'em, maybe they'll shut up. It's a hope at least.

Jerome Alicki said...

It's difficult to tell if you're actually angry about this or if you're being sarcastic. Either way, I like it. Keep writing.

I have to disagree with you, the separation of church and state is to important. If we taxed them, they'd want more of a voice in government, not less.

By the way, I'm Catholic.