Wednesday, December 28, 2005

ALTERNATIVE ENERGY: Totally inadequate domestic renewable fuels regulation announced today

Starting in 2006, Americans will be gassing up with almost three percent of so-called "domestic renewable fuels" under new standards issued today. The Energy Policy Act of 2005 mandates this first step, and EPA's Renewable Fuels Standard Program is an attempt to reduce vehicle emissions and strengthen U.S. energy security by doubling the use of fuels produced from American crops by 2012. This Bear's opinion: 3% is not even worth mentioning. Why not 20% or 30% or 50%? Why not phase out fossil fuels completely by 2012? Why not phase out internal combustion engines by 2012? Well, because the Energy Policy Act of 2005 was a complete crock of shit created by Republicans who don't intend to do anything to benefit the environment or the American people.

EPA Administrator Stephen L. Johnson: "This investment in renewable fuels made from domestic crops will support American agriculture and replace fossil fuels with an increasing amount of cleaner-burning alternatives such as ethanol or biodiesel illustrating that environmental progress and economic development can, in fact, go hand-in-hand." Did he really say that or did someone just make up a quote? You decide. Every press release from the EPA quotes Johnson. The guy must do nothing but sit around and give quotes for the media, doesn't anyone else work there? Is he a robot?

Anyway, the new regulation "is intended to provide market certainty for smooth implementation of the program in 2006 as EPA expands the program. Many of the act's other provisions regarding the Renewable Fuel Standard Program for 2007 and beyond will be implemented in subsequent regulations." Yeah, okay. Smooth implementation. Smoothly implement ice caps melting, polar bear extinction and worsening global weather conditions. We're still compromising ourselves into extinction. We're smoothly implementing our own demise.

Okay, sure, their hearts are in the right place. Supposedly this program will "significantly increase the volume of renewable fuels blended into motor vehicle fuels." Under this new regulation "refineries, blenders, and importers would collectively be responsible for meeting program requirements for 2006, where compliance would be calculated over the entire pool of gasoline sold to consumers." Ask yourself, "how the hell are they going to do that?" Watch out folks, the Bushies are going to try and pull some more wool over our eyes.

Yo, EPA, how about getting the American automobile industry off of liquid fuels entirely? How about you give away free bikes to the poor?

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