Saturday, December 03, 2005

Quality Environmental Journalism Sources

I received an email yesterday from someone calling himself/herself 'Lorax in Ontario' who wanted to know what my sources of information are. Obviously, I haven't listed all the sources I have on this site, I keep some to myself. That would be giving away the store, Lorax!

One important source of information, as any good reporter will tell you, is the press release. There are literally thousands of companies and organizations out there trying to get information to the public, and they make that info available for free. Most corporations are trying desperately to look green. Head to the company website and you'll be able to find press releases on their efforts. Some advice? Be very skeptical of what a company is telling you in their release. Write your own opinion piece challenging the points that really raise your skeptical cynicism, and make certain to back up your argument with facts.

In the left column of this page is a section entitled "Environmental Communications." There are some great programs listed that will give you insight and ideas on dozens of issues.

The following is a list of respectable online information sources that the average Environmental Studies major would find useful when writing a term paper. There are more listed in the left column of this site, scroll down. Good luck Lorax, I hope you find what you are looking for.

BushGreenWatch - tracking the administration's environmental misdeeds
Eco-Portal - Latest Environmental News Headlines
Eldis (news feeds for your site)
EnviroLink Network
Environmental Health News
Environmental Integrity Project
Environmental Justice Database
Environmental Literacy Council
Environmental Media Services - facts and contacts for journalists
ENN Environmental News Network
Great Lakes Radio Consortium
Green Media Toolshed
Power Reporting
Society of Environmental Journalists Tipsheet (story ideas)
U.S. EPA Headquarters Press Releases
US Environmental Protection Agency - Press Releases from Region 5 (Great Lakes)
U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works

To learn more regarding writing about environmental issues, check out the Knight Center for Environmental Journalism at Michigan State University.

Find books on Environmental Journalism

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