Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Ford Addresses Climate Change

Found this on GreenBiz.com, here's the link: Ford Issues Climate Change Report

"I am proud to say that Ford Motor Company is one of the first companies to have open discussions about climate change," said Bill Ford, chairman and CEO. "We see climate change as a business issue as well as an environmental issue and we're accelerating our efforts to find solutions. Addressing this issue will require collaborative action across all sectors of our society and I'm committing Ford Motor Company to do its part."

C'mon Bill, you know you're just full of shit.

Bill went on to say that "the good people of Michigan are going to hold me to my word. Ford is going to get rid of internal combustion engines right away, push newfangled technology and hire some folks in the Midwest who've been out of work for awhile. It would be nice if'n those folks could breathe the air, drink the water and had somethin' ta eat once in awhile. Excuse me, folks, I have to leave this press conference early as I'm going huntin'. Some ex-UAW organizers have been released on my ranch, and y'all know they're real tasty!"

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