Thursday, January 05, 2006

WE Energy to build massive coal power plant on Lake Michigan shoreline

"Opponents Maneuver to Thwart New Coal-Burning Efforts in Wisconsin"
"Picture the serene waters of Lake Michigan, home to myriad plant and animal species; beloved by the fishermen, nature lovers and others who live by its shores. Then picture over a billion gallons of Lake Michigan water a day being sucked through giant underwater screens into a coal-burning power plant, part of the cooling system for a new facility a company called We Energies intends to build next to an existing coal-burning power plant on the lakeshore about 20 miles southeast of Milwaukee, Wisconsin."

This story was originally published in March, but is still extremely relevant. You can find the rest of this article by Kari Lydersen on the New Standard site, Proposed Power Plant Challenges Great Lakes Ecosystem, Sovereignty. I posted another related article of my own way back in March, check the archive if you're interested.

I'm a big fan of author Kari Lydersen's writing, and have been reading everything she writes on Alternet, LiP, etc. Besides the fact that she's a smokin' hottie (no joke), Chicago's Lydersen is a master of prose. Her work is always challenging, illuminating and insightful. The breadth of her work is extensive, covering a variety of critical issues.

Lydersen's first book is Out of the Sea and Into the Fire: Latin American-U.S. Immigration in the Global Age Click the book cover to find out more.

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