Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Bush alternative energy plan makes hippies giggle

His Supreme Evilness, GW Bush, spent the last two days on a PR tour of electorally important states to promote alternative energy technologies. Supposedly this lying sack-of-shit has a plan to increase funding for energy research. So yesterday he heads out to solar-panel manufacturer United Solar Ovonic, just outside Detroit, and to Johnson Controls, which is researching advanced lithium ion batteries for hybrid cars in Milwaukee. No mention in the press that all the hippies working at United Solar were gagged and tied up in the back room. Oh yeah, Bush's proposed funding for energy research is less than half of what was promised in last year's energy bill. He's LYING. Increased gas taxes and higher CAFE standards, the only things that might actually work, are not on the table.

Meanwhile, at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, CO., three dozen researchers were rehired over the weekend in time for Bush's visit, after having been laid off last month because of budget cuts. Most likely they will be let go immediately after his plane lands back in D.C.

It should also be noted that the Saudi ambassador, appearing on Charlie Rose last week, was dumbfounded by Bush's state-of-the-union announcement that we were going to cut oil imports from the MidEast by 75%. Why? Because the U.S. has just negotiated a $50 Billion deal to build refineries in Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile, the United Arab Emirates takes control of 6 seaports in the United States and receives 80 F-18 strike fighters and 18 Cobra attack helicopters. Why the hell does U.A.B, a country the size of Maine, need 80 fighter jets? For what, attacking Israel? Who's the nutsack in the U.S. government who decided to give these folks attack jets?

How does any of this relate to the Great Lakes? Sorry to point this out Mr. Bush, but the Govenor of Michigan - A DEMOCRAT - has announced a $2 Billion dollar plan to make Michigan the leader in alternative energy manufacturing facilities. You sir, are way behind and appear to be attempting to steal her thunder.

Mr. Bush, you suck.

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