Wednesday, February 22, 2006


BLACK BEAR SPEAKS actually made a profit this month, meaning advertising revenue was actually greater than the cost of my monthly internet bill. That is a first! Who said Google Adsense was a scam, eh? It works! (okay, yeah, I said it was a scam more than once... sorry about that.)

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and read for a bit, and thanks to all of you who clicked on the Google ads and helped me earn some cash. Hopefully this trend - let's pretend it's a trend - will continue. Now if we could just get this blog to pay for my groceries...

Keep clicking on those ads kids. Help me use the man's technology to fight the good fight. Every click keeps my electricity on and gives me incentive to keep on ranting about environmental issues. In fact, as long as you're reading this, click all the google ads on this page right now!

Take the poll in the right column. Let me know what you what to read about. I'll do the research so you don't have to.

Remember, No Compromise in Defense of Mother Earth!

Earth First! Impeach Bush! Food Not Bombs!


Dyre42 said...

A quick note. Google will pull its ads from your site if you encourage clicking. Also you'll see almost nothing but public service ads start appearing on your site 2 to 3 days after you post any profanity other than damn or hell. The profanity filters are annoying sensitive to the point that ads shut off even if you typre the vice presidents name. I had to changehis name to D1ck and republish my blog for the ads to turn back on.

Jerome Alicki said...

There are other sources of ad revenue. Interesting about the vice president's name though, I've been calling Bush an evil tyrant and an asshole for months and nothing has happened. Page rank might be a factor in that.

Hmmm, let's tempt fate... Cheney should be impeached because he's an evil bastard, but also because he likes to spank his secretary while wearing her bra.