Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Fertilizer industry bill punishes local communities trying to protect Michigan lakes and streams

A message from Becky at Michigan League of Conservation Voters

Algae blooms are reappearing in Michigan's inland lakes and the Great Lakes. This odorous green slime drives away tourists from our beaches, reduces crucial oxygen levels in the water, and some algae blooms are even toxic to people, pets, and fish. One of the causes of these algae blooms is excessive phosphorous in the water.

We can begin to address algae blooms by restricting phosphorous in lawn fertilizers, as other states and local governments in Michigan have already started to do. It is also critical for us to ramp up education efforts in this area if we are to have any significant impact. Unfortunately, a recent bill introduced in the Senate does not go far enough to reduce phosphorous in fertilizers and would actually prevent local governments from enforcing stronger protections. The Senate will vote on the bill this week, but with enough public support we can convince them to reinforce community efforts to protect the lakes and pass more stringent phosphorous reductions.

Please click the link below to send a message urging your Senator to oppose this bill and pass more stringent reductions in phosphorous from fertilizers. Please take action by Friday, June 30th.

To send a message, please click this link now:

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