Friday, September 08, 2006

Great Lakes, Great Bear, Great Times

The Bear is back. After several dozen emails inquiring into the welfare of Black Bear Speaks - the curious seeking answers to the Bear's whereabouts - the bear has decided to make a public appearance and return to the blogging world. You can find the Bear this weekend at the Wheatland Music Festival in Remus, MI where he will be sporting his new haircut. Happy Wheatland! Look for the Black Bear Speaks t-shirts.

Here it comes boys and girls, a redesigned site and a professionally designed logo will be up and running by next week. The Black Bear gotz Dreamweaver. The address will remain the same, don't worry about updating anything.

So there is much to do and much to write about. This summer was amazing, undoubtedly the best summer of my life. So Here it comes: a wave of angst released, a torent of rage against this dirty war and its instigators, and - best of all - new connections to the environmental community in the Great Lakes bioregion, providing up to date information, relevant political discourse, new books, new environmental programs, new ideas and fresh insight.

What more do you want kids? Let me know. The Black Bear exists for your edification. We aim to please. Send your press releases, comments, emails, tidbits of heresy and photos of you laying on the beach to

Link to the Bear! The move to sustainablility in the midwest is easy. Create a hyperlink on your site to this one and we will reciprocate. We can push change the future of the Great Lakes through connections. Conduits of information are critical to sustainability. If you're one of the folks who can make a hyperlink, then by means, get started.


The Bear

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