Thursday, December 07, 2006

Mercury: Act Now to Pass New Legislation Before Year End

This week, the Michigan Senate passed three bills that are an important first step towards phasing out mercury in products. The bills would ban the sale of thermostats (SB 124), blood pressure measuring devices (SB 123) and esophageal dilators that contain mercury (SB 186).

You must contact your Michigan State Representative NOW! The Michigan House of Representatives only has until the end of December to pass these bills before session ends and the bills would have to start all over again. Please click the link below to send a message to your House legislator urging them to pass laws this year that phase out products containing mercury. Do it NOW!"

Tons of toxic mercury are manufactured into products each year in the U.S. Consider that there are currently more than five million mercury thermostats in Michigan, containing over 35,000 pounds of mercury. When these products are sent to a landfill, crushed in a garbage truck or demolition site, or burned in an incinerator, the mercury can be released with potentially serious consequences to people and wildlife.

Mercury is a potent neurotoxin that can affect brain development and, because of this, is particularly harmful to infants, children and pregnant women whose developing babies could be adversely affected. Once in the air and soil mercury makes its way into the rivers and lakes were it works up the food chain, resulting in higher mercury concentrations in the fish we eat. Fortunately, cost effective mercury-free alternatives to these products are readily available. We can reduce our exposure to toxic mercury by phasing out products containing mercury.

ACT NOW!!! Click here to sign up and send a pre-written letter to your Michigan State Representative!

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