Thursday, December 21, 2006

Say "Hell No!" to Kennecott Metallic-Sulfide Mine in the U.P.

Sulfide Mining is a process used to extract heavy metals and minerals from deep within the earth. This type of mining has never been done without resulting in "acid mine drainage" or heavy metal contamination anywhere it has been allowed. When sulfide ore makes contact with air and water the byproduct is sulfuric acid. When the sulfuric acid runs off into the local watershed when it rains it creates deadly pollution known as acid mine drainage.

An international mining company, Kennecott, is asking the State of Michigan to approve a proposal for a sulfide mine near the headwaters of two coldwater streams near Lake Superior in the Upper Peninsula. The proposed site that Kennecott would like to drill is located on State owned land on the Yellow Dog Plains, in one of the most pristine areas in Michigan. All this for a few temporary jobs? The risks far outweigh the benefits. Kennecott was investigated by 60 Minutes for it's cyanide-heap-leach gold mining program in parts of the west that have resulted in giant cyanide contaminated lakes that have been killing migrating water fowl for decades.

The Department of Environmental Quality is reviewing the company's proposal and will announce early next year whether or not they plan on granting a permit for this mine. The DEQ needs to know that the public is against this project and does not want to see a metallic-sulfide mine threaten our state's water and Great Lakes quality of life. Please join thousands of Michigan citizens by saying NO to Sulfide Mining on the Yellow Dog Plains by clicking on the link below and signing the on-line petition:

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Say HELL NO! to sulfide mining on the Yellow Dog Plains. It's just not worth the risk!

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