Saturday, July 07, 2007

Big Ideas

I've been sick on the couch for a couple days, not moving much, so I've had the time to check out the Sundance Channel's new documentary series Big Ideas for a Small Planet. I can't recommended this highly enough, these short half-hour programs are filled with fascinating information. The show "focuses on environmental topics with interviews with forward-thinking designers and features on green products and alternative ideas that may transform our everyday lives." Check it out. It made me feel better.

Click the logo to learn more, and to watch a few clips from recent episodes.


Luis said...

Cool Blog!
I think any resource we can use to help us be a greener planet is of great help.
If the economics don't work, recycling efforts won't either.
As our little contribution to make this economics of recycling more appealing, LivePaths blogs about people and companies that make money selling recycled or reused items, provide green services or help us reduce our dependency on non renewable resources.

PS: How can I Link back to your blog?

Jerome said...

All you have to do to link back to Black Bear is include the following in the text of one of your own blog posts, copy it just like it is here: Black Bear Speaks

Peace, thanks for the info.