Friday, July 25, 2008

Dow will Clean up dioxin in Saginaw

The Feds have reached an agreement with Dow Chemical Co. that requires the company to clean up dioxin contamination in the Riverside Boulevard neighborhood of Saginaw. Construction work in this neighborhood on the Lower Tittabawassee River is expected to begin in late July and continue through the fall.

There are dangerously high levels of dioxin contamination in yards, the unpaved Riverside Boulevard roadway and in the interior of some homes.
Last April, EPA took soil samples at residential properties following discussions and consultation with Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and Michigan Department of Community Health.

The agreement, called an "administrative order on consent", includes:
* Excavation of residential yards, then backfilling with clean soil.
* Interior cleaning of homes.
* Remediation of unpaved surfaces on Riverside Boulevard.

Dow's Midland facility is a 1,900-acre chemical manufacturing plant. Dioxins and furans are byproducts from the manufacture of chlorine-based products. Past waste disposal practices, emissions and incineration at Dow have resulted in on- and off-site dioxin and furan contamination.

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