Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wolf Killings Continue in Yellowstone Region

The Bush Administration stripped wolves of their endangered species protection in March. 106 wolves have been killed in the past 118 days.

Almost one per day. And if Wyoming, Idaho and Montana have their way, at least 900 wolves -- nearly 60 percent of the population -- could be exterminated this fall, when a massive public hunt begins.

Make no mistake: This will be the very last summer for many of Yellowstone's wolves -- unless immediate action is taken to stop the killing.

Tourists visiting Yellowstone have been horrified to learn that the wolves they've traveled hundreds and thousands of miles to see are being gunned down as they wander outside the protection of the park. Hundreds of tourists a day are signing petitions to protest the slaughter.

The Natural Resources Defense Council is circulating those petitions in the park AND taking court action -- along with 11 other conservation groups -- to compel the Bush Administration to restore protection for the wolves.


Then, if you'd like to do more, you can donate to help the NRDC Action Fund build a national outcry against the slaughter.

Your support will help us broadcast the wolf's plight and mobilize America against the Bush Administration.

Swift action is imperative. Wyoming, Montana and Idaho are planning public hunts for the region's remaining 1,400 wolves this fall -- the first in more than three decades. Once the leaves fall from the trees, wolves will be easy targets for aerial sharpshooters who can gun down entire packs in a matter of minutes.

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