Sunday, March 27, 2005

New Report Finds Hazardous Chemicals in Household Dust of Michigan Residents

Just wanted to point out a frightening article on the Ecology Center website. I've certainly never been called a clean freak - and I'm sure my Mom and all my ex-girlfriends will atest to that - but this article made me want to immediately wash every surface in the house.

Also: Ecology Center has excellent info on the Dow/Dioxin contamination in Midland, MI. If you live anywhere downstream between Midland and Saginaw you'll want to check this out. Very informative and helpful webpage including legal documents and updates on recent governmental action. Reading this page convinced me I should join the boycott of Dow Chemical products. A boycott is always a great way to get a company to clean up their act, and Dow really needs to take responsibility for the mess they've made in Midland.

Thanks to the Ann Arbor Ecology Center for the good work they are doing.

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