Tuesday, March 15, 2005

WMEAC Gets Two Grants

West Michigan Environmental Action Council (WMEAC) recently received a $35,000 grant for their Sustainable Agriculture Forum. $10,000 of that is a dollar per dollar match, so make sure you donate to them soon. The funds are targeted for encouraging farmers to move toward sustainable production for food, fuel and fiber (Hemp? Hah... not!) while moving away from the use of synthetic fertilizers and dangerous pesticides. Obviously organic farming is better for soil and wildlife, hopefully it will result in better incomes for local farmers. If farms become more lucrative, it's possible that urban sprawl can be slowed as fewer landowners sell farms for development.

WMEAC also received $25,000 for the second phase of the West Michigan Electronic Waste Recycling Coalition. Recycle your old computer! The program will continue development of a regional electronic waste recycling coalition composed of municipalities, nonprofits and local business. Hopefully we'll have less toxic computer waste flowing into our landfills.

Info for donating can be found at www.wmeac.org

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