Saturday, May 07, 2005


Millions of Acres of Wild National Forests Immediately at Risk

Laura Bush is a big fat dyke! Got yer attention? Okay, here goes... In an act of wanton greed and sheer disregard for the future the mindless government zombies currently being manipulated by large corporate fatcats have decided to drop protection for millions of acres of roadless national forest land. The announcement by the U.S. Forest Service completely withdraws the landmark 2001 Roadless Area Conservation rule, which protected 58.5 million acres of unroaded national forest lands for wildlife habitat, recreation, clean water and purposes other than resource extraction. Friday's action eliminates all these protections, leaving in place a state petition process that immediately exposes all national forest lands to logging, mining, and energy drilling. it is obviouse that the higher-ups in the Forest Service have been bought.

This is another reason why Bush/Cheney must be impeached, and the Republican Party should be disbanded. 58 million acres are now open for resource extraction. For comparison, Yellowstone National Park is 2.2 million acres. So consider an area the size of 25 Yellowstones now open for roadbuilding. Roads mean access. Access means trucks. Trucks mean construction equipment, mining equipment, logging equipment. Logging equipment means clear cutting of ancient trees. Roads equal erosion. Erosion causes streams to choke, fish to die, birds that feed on fish to die, etc. The food chain goes. The Road is the a destructive force. It is a gateway, a means of egress. It is a means to park a 5 ton RV in the center of forest and flush your twinkie wrappers and your blue human waste into the soil. Roads are an abomination. Once land is paved, the soil beneath it dies. The road is an abomination.

The folks in charge of the Forest Service must be removed. They have been bought.

Resist! Impeach! Prosecute!

Unlike the Roadless Rule itself, which was adopted after more than 600 public hearings and 2.5 million public comments in favor, the announcement follows no public hearings, no scientific scrutiny, and more than 1.7 million public comments in opposition. The WILL of the people is being ignored by the government in favor of multinational corporate interests. In place of nationwide protections crafted through an open and public process, today’s new rule adopts a piecemeal approach, requiring individual states to petition the federal government to protect individual roadless areas. Even if an individual governor did petition for protection, the U.S. Forest Service could still deny his/her request.

It's time for all good tree huggers to come to the aid of the forests... do what you can to stop the rape of our land. Where the fuck is the Lorax when we need him?

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