Sunday, May 29, 2005

Wolf hunting permits issued, debate begins

Howard Meyerson, Outdoor Editor for the Grand Rapids Press, did a great job of educating folks on the Northern Michigan wolf debate in a piece entitled Cool heads needed on Michigan's wolf issue.

The importance of the this issue, I feel, relates to the way endangered and threatened species are treated in Michigan and is establishing a precedent for future wildlife management. Wolves are the top predator in this part of the country - besides us - so they are a critical species. I intend to personally focus heavily on this issue. As I learn more, I will pass info along.

It should be noted that no human has ever been attacked by a wolf anywhere in the US, ever. The statements in this piece by some who fear for their safety are a bit nonsensical in that light.

Wolves avoid people, except to occassionally eat our sheep and kill our dogs. Sheep are tasty, who can blame them. I eat a nice piece of lamb a couple times a year. Domestic dogs are not food, but are viewed by wolves, I found out recently, as trespassers in wolf pack territory. Wouldn't you shoot a guy who broke into your house, peed everywhere and ate your food? Wolves do the same thing. A wolf pack will also kill a wolf from another pack that wanders into their territory and approaches a female, just like you would if some guy broke into your house and tried to do something nasty with your wife. I think they are a lot like us, they just run faster and have bigger teeth.

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