Thursday, May 26, 2005

Life happens...

Life has been a bit crazy lately with the kitchen remodeling project, job hunting, etc. It took a several weeks to rip out and install the new tile floor, and it seems I have had a headache from paint fumes for more than a week.

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What's new?

The biggest outrage from Bush Inc. is, of course, the opening up of all National Forest lands to roadbuilding, approximately 58 million acres. I can't express the level of sheer ecological criminality of this action. The damage will be felt for generations, unless a newly elected administration can reverse this decision.

I also have a press release here about federal prisoners in California being exposed to toxics from computer recycling operations. Not only are they being forced to work, they are being poisoned at the same time. (Capitalism necessitates a level of slave labor. Marx didn't write that, I did.) If you want to read this I'll email it to you, but I found it too vile to post.

An article picked up from Environmental Media Services about hybrid vehicles follows. I have no faith in hybrid technology. It's a band-aid over a gushing wound. The true solution lies in building carfree cities, where everyone - regardless of economic status - has the ability to walk or take public transportation. Like life was before Henry Ford was born. Policies that encourage growth of suburbs, with the addition of giant mega-store complexes and enormous parking lots, are the real problem. We need to encourage local legislators to create systems of redevelopment and redesign rather than new construction, systems that emphasize sustainable organic urban agriculture programs and locally owned businesses. You can read the hybrid article though, but I believe it is propaganda from the auto industry.

Keep reading kids, and thanks for keeping me on my toes. I've added a few new links, check them out.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I have a comment about your distain in having the inmates in CA "work" during their incarceration. Here's a thought for you--let them pay their own way! Shockin, I know. My own cousin in in as a multiple murder--and not because he is some "poor lost soul" He was a very rich young man from the San Francisco area. I don't think that my taxes should support him or any other smoock sitting on their behinds while I work mine off! YOU can support all these misguided souls. I just want to be left alone to pursue a better life for myself and my family.

As for the auto industry. The only thing that will correct our dependence on "foreign" oil, is when we, as a people, get off our collective rear-ends and decide that where someone else is living isn't really any better than wherever we are living. We all need to work/play/live close by. But it is up to the INDIVIDUALS to make these choices. We need to not look to our government to correct this--because, guess what! The "government" is all for controlling us via our money. And that doesn't matter if your politics are to the right or to the left--they are all basically the same.

Hope you have good luck in your job-hunting. The sooner you see the bite the government taxes you so love takes, the sooner you will embrace the "personal responsibility" politics that we so desperately need!

Jerome Alicki said...

You misinterpreted what I wrote. I have no problem with prisoners being made to work - that's why I followed up with a statement that it is a necessity in our culture. My problem is with the fact that they are being exposed, without they're knowledge, to toxins and heavy metals which will most likely give them cancer. My attempt at a point was that no one should have to endure such working conditions, whether they are prisoners or not.

You also seem to think that I enjoy paying taxes. That's just wrong. I save every receipt and deduct everything I can because I don't want my money to be used by Dems and Repubs for war and environmental destruction.

Don't stereotype everyone on the left as pro tax and pro big government, we're not. I'm all for limiting the government and tightening the purse strings. There are many agencies in the Federal government that we would be much better off without. For example, I would eliminate all spending on nuclear and biological weapons, which is costing us billions per year.

As for the auto industry... I fully agree with you that individual choice dictates our transportation needs. My SUV is for sale, make me an offer.