Thursday, March 16, 2006

Dude, the evidence is overwhelming

World Resources Institute has just released a review of last year's major climate research. The studies indicate how changes due to human-induced climate change are already having quantifiable effects on the environment. The review comes to three critical conclusions:
1. Taken collectively, the studies suggest that the world may well have moved past a key physical tipping point.

2. The science tells us the effects of climate change are at a scale that adds enormous urgency not only to the efforts to prevent additional change, but equally important, to efforts to adapt to the impacts already occurring.

3. The science makes it clear that additional climate impacts will result even if emissions of greenhouse gases are halted immediately.

Dude, read this: World Resources Institute climate science page

Any legislator who does not believe that climate change is occuring should be removed from office immediately. No recall, no elections, just yank them out of their office and tell them they're done working for you.

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