Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Illinois waters will get cleaner... someday

I'll just quote tonite:

"On January 19 the Illinois Pollution Control Board adopted a stringent new rule limiting the acceptable concentration of phosphorus in wastewater from most new or expanding city wastewater and industrial plants. Since algae thrives on phosphorus, this new rule will help to curb excessive amounts of harmful algae in Illinois waters. After years of legislative wrangling, Illinois environmental groups have succeeded once again, with the help of Governor Blagojevich, in protecting waterways from substances known to harm them. In addition to the immediate benefits of having clean lakes and streams, this rule will serve as a precedent for future phosphorus pollution laws in the entire Mississippi watershed. The rule came as the result of years of efforts by the Environmental Law & Policy Center, Sierra Club-Illinois Chapter, Prairie Rivers Network and other environmental organizations."

Source: Environmental Law and Policy Center of the Midwest

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