Friday, July 07, 2006

Congressman Ehlers votes against latest offshore drilling bill

The Deep Ocean Energy Resources (DOER) Act (H.R. 4761) was recently passed by the House of Representatives by a vote of 232-187. The DOER Act would end a moratorium on exploration and drilling for oil and natural gas in the Outer Continental Shelf, which is under the domain of the federal government. However, the DOER Act is much more comprehensive than just removing this 25-year moratorium on drilling. My representative, Congressman Vernon Ehlers, voted against it.

Congressman Ehler's comments:

"One of my main concerns with the Act was a provision allowing oil and gas development to supersede any other type of activity deemed "incompatible" that may take place in the outer continental shelf. I was also concerned by language related to the cessation of state revenue-sharing due to the impact of any future federal laws that might alter or restrict drilling. These sections have the potential to imperil other marine industries such as shipping and fishing and I was very troubled by the breadth of the language."

"The Act also included a provision allowing coastal states that agree to allow drilling off their coasts to receive a large and increasing percentage of revenues from the leases in an area that typically has benefited the entire nation instead of a few number of states. While I am not opposed to states being involved in their coastal management, early estimates of the budget ramifications of the proposal suggest that we would lose $69 billion of federal revenues in the next 14 years. Furthermore, there are no reporting requirements governing how revenues to the states are spent. I believe very strongly that a substantial portion of both the federal and state revenues from this bill should be directed in a manner that seeks to reduce the high cost of fuel and our dependence on foreign oil through significant investment in the development of non-traditional energy sources and types of fuel. These funds should be devoted toward investing in research and development of energy efficient, renewable, and alternative energy sources that have the potential to reduce energy costs and international dependence. While I recognize a fossil-fuel energy supply system is necessary today, I believe that we have to provide resource opportunities for our kids and grandkids and prepare for the day when neither the OCS nor domestic or foreign sources can supply the fuel needs of our nation."

Yeah, thanks Congressman for voting against this bill. We need folks in congress who will vote against more oil spills and further global warming. We need folks in congress who see that our future is wind and solar, not petroleum. But apparently in the short term the assholes in the oil industry are going to get their way. Well, maybe it's time to send packing anyone who thinks in the old way. Maybe it's high time we throw out every member of Congress who is leading this country down the wrong path. Yeah, that's the ticket. There's 232 of them for certain, and we know who they are. So don't forget to vote!

Wanna support the destruction of the Outer Continental Shelf ecosystem?
Here's the government's new propaganda website telling you how wonderful it's going to be: Pure Bullshit


Anonymous said...

Or maybe it's time you took an intellectually honest approach to an issue? Anyone against you is actually for oil spills and global warming? Until you can make a coherent and logical argument, your credibility is as missing as your Democratic leadership's is.

The future may be wind and solar (or something even more effective and efficient), but we're in the present. Maybe you should join us and start trying to solve the problem, not rail against anyone who does not march in lockstep with your idealistic, utopian, and unrealistic vision.

Jerome Alicki said...

Well, certainly struck a nerve with you didn't I. Do you happen to own a gas station?

The Present is a rapidly warming world that is rapidly becoming over populated. You need to WAKE THE FUCK UP and realize that we must move toward a sustainable form of energy before the oceans fucking boil. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.

Who ever said I was a Democrat? That's absurd.