Thursday, July 06, 2006

Robert Dean for State Legislature

This year's 4th of July passed without incident. Heck, I don't even remember putting on pants. I spent the day in front of the plasma with a never-ending supply of Bell's Kalamazoo Stout at hand (Think Global, Drink Local!). Then I grilled some steak, 'cause it seemed like a patriotic thing to do. A man should have a steak in honor of his country, and he should smother that steak in garlic. If he's really loving his country, he would dip that steak in some mango-papaya salsa and share part of it with his dog. We do have the best dogs in the world afterall... USA! USA! Ah, if only everyday could be the 4th of July. I love this country.

So that's why I'm personally endorsing Robert Dean for the Michigan legislature. If you live on the northeast side of Grand Rapids, you have the chance to make a difference by electing a man who truly deserves your vote. Most of you won't recognize that name, but he's on his way up to the top and I'm going to jump on his gravy train. Dean is a Democrat, a father, and has been on the school board in Grand Rapids for several years. Most importantly to me, Mr. Dean has expressed in his campaign literature the importance of moving Michigan toward alternative energy and he opposes the sale of our water to giant bottling companies who are basically stealing it and selling it back to us at a buck and a half a liter.

My friends, if you're paying a buck fifty for a bottle of water from Mecosta County, Michigan, your a freakin' idiot. You need to seriously ask yourself why you're so damn stupid. It's water. It falls out of the sky.

Now, the wind and solar industries are Michigan's future, and I want a man in office who understands that. If you feel that stopping decent hard working gay men from getting married is more important than your children's future, you can vote for the Republican. But you would be making a serious mistake. That's a bit short-sighted, don't you think?

Mr. Dean is a man who works hard for his family, works hard for his kid's schools and who believes the future can be better for everyone if we turn toward wind power in Michigan. I want to shake Mr. Dean's hand when he wins. Hell, I want to run his campaign for Governor after he gets done in Congress.

I recently signed up to volunteer with Clean Water Action in Grand Rapids to assist in canvassing for Mr. Dean. You should too, it will do your heart good. Support someone who will actually make a difference.

Where to vote in Kent County, Michigan

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