Friday, July 14, 2006

G8 Plans for massive global nuclear energy domination

World leaders are planning a massive expansion of nuclear power in their own countries and across the developing world, according to documents drawn up for the G8 summit and leaked to the Sunday Herald.

An action plan for "global energy security" to be agreed in St Petersburg next weekend envisages a network of nuclear fuel plants in G8 countries combined with the widespread sale of reactors to developing countries, as long as they promise not to use them for making nuclear bombs.

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"Is nuclear energy the best way to solve climate change and give every country on Earth the ability to develop nuclear weapons a good idea?" I guess that question seems to have been answered affimatively.

You can sort of see that logic, however thin, whirling through neo-con minds. "Who would start a war if their opponent had the ability to nuke them? We're killing two birds with one stone!"

Fools! I need to start slapping me some fools.
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