Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Book Recommendation: Great Lakes Water Wars

New from Peter Annin

A former Newsweek correspondent and current associate director of the Institutes for Journalism and Natural Resources in Madison, Annin delves into the long history of political maneuvers and diversion schemes to send Great Lakes water to destinations from Arizona to Asia. Annin logged thousands of miles during three years of research for the book, described as the first authoritative examination of more than 100 years of Great Lakes water diversion controversies and the proposed Great Lakes- St. Lawrence Basin Water Resources Compact that seeks to end them.

Annin visited every major remaining inter-Basin Great Lakes diversion - from the massive Ogoki diversion in the bush country of Northwestern Ontario to the reversed waters of the Chicago River. He also traveled to Central Asia's Aral Sea, which has lost 90 percent of its volume and 75 percent of its surface area and is often used as a poster child in arguments against diverting water from the Great Lakes.


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