Tuesday, January 23, 2007

State awards funds to clean up Scrap Tires

The Department of Environmental Quality announced today that grants totaling just over $3.2 million have been awarded to 41 applicants for use toward the complete cleanup of scrap tire sites in order to reduce the potential public health and environmental concerns associated with them. This funding will protect the health of communities across the state by cleaning up more than 3.1 million passenger tire equivalents (PTE), a measure used to account for different weights and sizes of tires that may be present at a cleanup site.

The largest recipients - also probably the biggest piles of tires - are in Oceola and Allegan.

The grantees will have until August 31, 2007, to complete contract requirements for having their tires removed and processed.

Scrap Tire Walkway, photo from globetrekkers.com

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