Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Polar Bears Drowning in Bush Administration Bullshit

"At least five of the world's 19 polar bear populations are currently in decline from the complex effects of global warming. At this rate, the World Conservation Union, IUCN, is predicting a 30 percent reduction in polar bear numbers in the next 45 years." -- Rodger Schlickeisen, president of Defenders of Wildlife

The Arctic ice shelf could completely melt during summer by 2080 because of global warming, according to more than 100 researchers working in 45 institutions in 11 European countries and Russia. This would threaten the entire Arctic food chain, the scientists warn.

"If the situation evolves like physics predicts, the summertime Arctic shelf will completely disappear by 2080," -- Eberhard Fahrbach of the Alfred Wegner Institute for Polar and Marine Research in Bremerhaven.

"We have sufficient scientific evidence of a threat to the species to warrant proposing it for listing, but we still have a lot of work to do to enhance our scientific models and analyses before making a final decision," said U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Director Dale Hall. Director Hall, all I want to say to you is this: "Look at this photo you fucking ignorant jackass! Not only should you lose your job, you should be dragged from your office and fed to one of these bears! Pissant!"

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