Friday, February 16, 2007

Ehlers announces opposition to Iraq War resolution

West Michigan Congressman Vern Ehler's comments to the House:

"Madam Speaker,

I rise, reluctantly, in opposition to this resolution. I say reluctantly because I had hoped to be able to vote in favor of something positive – a fresh perspective, a new idea, a new pathway to success – anything to encourage and foster a positive outcome in the Iraq conflict. But this resolution offers none of these things. It is a simple, almost meaningless, statement of disapproval that provides no constructive resolve on this daunting, yet critical, mission.

My opposition is both procedural and substantive. I am extremely disappointed that we only have this one simplistic, inadequate statement before us for consideration – no alternatives, no other ideas, no solutions. The situation in Iraq is complicated, and the American people deserve far more from Congress than a resolution that essentially calls for the status quo. The resolution opposes the troop surge called for by the Commander in Chief, but fails to offer – or even allow for consideration of – any alternatives aimed at achieving success in Iraq, nor does it offer an alternative aimed at a reduction of troops..."

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