Saturday, February 10, 2007

New EPA Car Air Quality Regs Don't Take Full Effect Until 2030

Toxic fumes from gasoline, vehicles and fuel containers will decrease significantly under tough new standards signed February 9th, but not for a long time. By 2030, EPA's new Mobile Source Air Toxic (MSAT) regulations and fuel and vehicle standards will reduce toxic emissions from cars to 80 percent below 1999 emissions. The MSAT rule toughens benzene standards for gasoline, sets hydrocarbon emissions standards for cars at cold temperatures and tightens fuel containers to prevent the evaporation of harmful fumes.

Once the new standards are fully implemented in 2030, they are expected to reduce emissions of mobile source air toxics annually by 330,000 tons, including 61,000 tons of benzene. EPA estimates annual health benefits from the particulate matter reductions of the vehicle standards to total $6 billion in 2030. The estimated annual cost for the entire rule is about $400 million in 2030.

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