Monday, February 19, 2007

"Predator Quest" Worst Show on TV

I was absolutely dumbstruck last night by the scenes I was watching on the Sportsmans Channel. I couldn't sleep, and found myself staring at the tube at 3am. To my absolute horror and revulsion I witnessed a so-called "hunter" lying in various locations for hours shooting coyotes on a show entitled "Predator Quest".

Now you might think there was reason he was shooting these coyotes. Maybe they were sick? Maybe they were a threat to his livestock? No, this redneck was shooting them for the pure joy of it. He was killing for the sheer pleasure. He laughed after each animal fell.

Now don't get me wrong, I have nothing against hunters who venture into the Michigan woods and get a deer or an elk for the meat. I have nothing against those who fish to bring home trout for dinner. No sir, I too have trudged through the woods in the cold and have been on the reel-end of a fishing pole many times. But killing coyotes for kicks is disgusting and reprehensible and is exactly the reason environmentalists and wildlife advocates oppose hunting. In my opinion, host Les Johnson is giving us all a bad name.

"Now there's a way to start the morning," he joked, as his first coyote of the day was flipped up in the air and it's blood exploded into a cloud of vapor. One after another Johnson (who is a damn good marksman) slaughtered coyotes with various rifles describing in detail the gun and the ammo he was using. I lost count. I have no idea how many he killed. I felt like puking.

From a quick web search I just learned that 'Predator Quest" was the winner of “Best Show Open” at the Sportsman Channel's Fourth Annual Producer Appreciation Event held at The House of Blues in Miami. The Sportsman Channel presented awards to the “Best” and “Viewer Favorite” TSC programs of 2006. "Best Show Open" I assume refers to the opening credits, because there is certainly nothing that warrants an award after that. This is the worst thing I have seen on television in a long time.

Now a couple guys are going to be irritated with me and send emails telling me the government has a predator control policy and hires guys to go out and do exactly this type of hunting. And I'm certain there is someone out there who can tell me exactly how many diseased predators are killed by government employees each year. Don't bother, I know that already. I'm speaking out right now against someone who takes joy in killing and gives legitimate hunters a bad name. Killing for pleasure - or even the appearance of killing for pleasure - is revolting and ruins the reputations of the rest of us.

To those at the Sportsman Channel, I will not ever watch this show again.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I just caught this sorry sight on the The Sportsman Channel too, and I had a similar reaction. The show seems to glorify death and violence simply to provide an "adrenaline-fueled" fix; and of course sell more products. Even the music is angry (I enjoy this kind of music, but not it this context). Personally, I think Lee's skills would be better served as USMC expert/sharpshooter in Iraq or Afghanistan where he could experience a real adrenaline rush. Now that would make for a controversial show on the The Sportsman Channel!

Anonymous said...

These cowards who shoot innocent animals should be banned from T.V. and more! What a bleepen disgrace of the likes of Ted the coward Nugent and Chipper the whimp Jones who flex their so called meat search ?Please, nothing but big time losers!! The only animals I see are the ones who are carrying rifles and blowing to pieces God's beautiful creatures...What a shame.