Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Falwell Sees Satan Behind Global Warming Myth

John McCain's commitment to the issue of global warming may be the latest casualty of his do-anything-to- win approach to the Republican presidential primary. Last week McCain "took swipes at the Bush Administration" in a political stunt where he called the Administration's record on global warming "terrible" and urged for "tougher federal action to stop" it. [Los Angeles Times, 2/22/2007]

Over the weekend, however, the Rev. Jerry Falwell -- who McCain needs for his campaign and who hosted a reception for him last week -- used his weekly sermon to call global warming "Satan's attempt to redirect the church's primary focus" from evangelism to environmentalism." [AP, 2/26/2007] Falwell said some "naive Christian leaders" are now being or have been "duped" about global warming and that while Christians should be "responsible environmentalists," they should not be "first-class nuts."

Maybe this is what McCain meant when he said, "I'll probably get into trouble, but what's wrong with sucking up to everybody?" [Washington Times, 2/27/07]

"Senator McCain may not see a problem with 'sucking up to everybody' in his win-at-all-costs campaign, but if he is serious about confronting global warming he must either denounce Rev. Falwell's outrageous claims about climate change or explain why he agrees with them," said Democratic National Committee spokesman Luis Miranda. "McCain can't have it both ways
on this one; he can't pretend to be a moderate on issues like climate change while pandering to extremists like Jerry Falwell who liken passion for faithful stewardship of the environment to doing Satan's work."

SOURCE: Democratic National Committee

Falwell is far more dangerous than Sadr or Bin Laden.

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