Thursday, March 08, 2007

Ethanol Diplomacy: Bush the Idiot Heads to Brazil

Bush The Idiot visits Latin America this week, traveling to Uruguay, Colombia, Guatemala and Mexico on a six-day trip. Bush the Idiot will meet with Brazil's President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva on Friday, hoping to sell him on a plan to cooperate on the production of biofuels and ethanol.

While in Sao Paulo, Bush and Lula will launch a biofuels initiative aimed at helping Brazil export its ethanol to the US. Apparently Bush the Idiot hopes it will help the United States reduce its dependence on Middle Eastern and Venezuelan oil.

All gasoline in Brazil is blended with ethanol made from sugar cane and over 80 percent of new cars are flex-fuel, running on gasoline or ethanol.

Currently the U.S. levies a 54 cent per gallon tarrif on Brazillian ethanol imports. No doubt, Bush the Idiot will screw that up.

Since the Idiot hasn't done a single thing right in years, ethanol and biodiesel producers in the U.S. should be on the lookout for impacts to their bottom line.

Source: Reuters News Service via Truthout
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