Friday, March 02, 2007

Green Business Growth in Lansing

I just stole this post from Absolute Michigan. Sorry Andy, I'm plagarizing you.

This week's City Pulse profiles four environmentally conscious Lansing area companies:

  • KTM Industries, makers of bioplastics and corn-based packing materials. The company also manufactures Magic Nuudles, a biodegradable styrofoam-like building block.

  • Paul Covert of Smart Office Systems, selling eco-friendly coverings for cubicle walls and "embodied energy" of reconditioned office partitions.

  • Deanne Nelson of Ki Design Solutions who says "Green is not Birkenstocks and burlap bag clothing and everyone smelling like patchouli, eating seaweed or whatever. It's just smart. It's using what you have, being resourceful".

  • Joel Weise of Indigo Financial Group, a Michigan (and national) pioneer in energy efficient mortgages who designs mortgages that address a home's energy efficiency.

    Read the article in the Lansing City Pulse.


    farlane (Andy McFarlane) said...

    Steal away, Jerome. I thieved something from you to make you feel better.

    Jerome Alicki said...

    Oh, well, that will be $5 a word please.