Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I recycled my electronic waste today.

I was good today. I recycled my electronic waste at Goodwill. If you have an old computer that still works, you can take it to Goodwill and they will evaluate it to see if they can use it in their job training program. If it doesn't work, they will send it off to be recycled.

I had an old Hewitt Packard computer from my old job that has been sitting on the basement floor unused for years. I have no idea if it still worked, but I tossed it in the back of the pickup with the monitor and the keyboard and a whole pile of Windows cd's in a pile of snow and got ready to drive it over there. The next thing tossed into the pickup was an old Gateway computer that wouldn't turn on anymore. My sister gave it to me several years back. The fan inside made a noise like fingernails on a chalkboard. One day the screen went blank and never returned. Then I threw in an old Epson color printer that did nothing but chew up paper and make black lines. I gave them the printer software and the instruction manual, maybe someone somewhere can fix it. Then there was an old Macintosh monitor that I acquired from a friend. It worked great, so I wrote "This Works Great!" on it with a red Sharpie. My new monitor is a thousand times better.

So, 3 monitors, 2 computers, 2 keyboards, 1 large a enormous wad of cables and a large handful of cd's and instruction manuals just got recycled. I felt good about myself for a bit (I am morally superior!), but then I got back home and realized that I have yet another box full of modems that either don't work or are just so old and slow that no one will ever use them. Anybody need a 56K modem? Two for the price of one?

I started digging through the modem-laden box and to my surprise found a Toshiba laptop buried on the bottom that I bought used in 2000. I wondered what the hell happened to that thing. Jezeus Christopher, how did I acquire all this crap? Apparently I just covered the laptop with other crap and forgot where it was. It still works and is right now running Windows 95, but has no cd drive, no modem, no battery. I just set it on the bathroom scale and found out that it weighs 9 pounds. Make me an offer! (I will trade it for a 12-pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon.)

Photo stolen from the ELPC website.

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