Thursday, May 04, 2006

Black Bear readers keep sending links...

Thanks to all the readers who've been emailing lately. You guys crack me up continuously. The majority of you don't leave comments on the blog, you seem to want to talk to me personally. Not a bad thing really, I've been having email conversations with people all over the planet. Pretty cool.

Here's a list of links that your fellow readers have been sending me. Keep it up kids!
I can't check out everything, just not enough time. If you've sent something that isn't on this list, be patient. I'll get around to it eventually.

I particularly enjoyed these: Seed Magazine (not what you think!) and LiP Magazine(exactly what you think!)

These are worth a quick scan:
Institute for Social Ecology
Ecospheric Ethics
The Ecostery Foundation
Resurgence Magazine
Information for Action
The Taproot Foundation - Chicago

More later.

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