Wednesday, May 31, 2006

You wanna put a windmill where?!?!?

Gadzooks kids, "they" are planning on putting giant wind generators IN THE LAKES. Well, it's one thing to harness the wind on shore in the dunes - I'm all for that - but wouldn't it be a heck of lot more expensive to actually build the damn things in the MIDDLE of Lake Michigan? You gotta wonder what these folks are thinking.

Energy experts are set to meet in Madison, WI and Toledo, OH, next month to talk about the prospects of implanting giant electricity-generating windmills in the Great Lakes. Here we go, the fight is about to begin.

Jolly Mr. Poseidon says, "Not without an Environmental Impact Statement, Dumbasses." And that's a process that will take decades. Good Luck.

Educate yourself: Tilting at turbines: Talk swirls of Great Lakes windmills, by Todd Richmond, Associated Press Writer

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