Tuesday, May 02, 2006

CEO Jackman on his way to court!

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection is asking the Lawrence County Court to defuse a hazardous situation at the Reactive Metals & Alloys Corp. and REMACOR Inc. site in Taylor Township. The site has a history of fires, and the companies continue to dispose of unpermitted wastes, stockpiling and unsafely storing potentially flammable and explosive scrap magnesium. The DEP has repeatedly attempted to get the companies and their owner, Joseph Jackman, to address the situation and resolve longstanding violations of environmental laws.

Businesses throughout the United States and Canada pay Jackman and his companies to take scrap magnesium materials. In the past, Jackman's companies processed the materials into a marketable product that they sold to the steel industry. Scrap magnesium materials pose a high risk of fire and explosion when they are stored unsafely in combustible containers and exposed to water or other compounds that contain oxygen.

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