Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Child Molester in My Neighborhood

I found out last night, while watching the 11 o'clock news on WOTV Channel 8, that the guy who runs a daycare center on Fuller Ave. here in northeast Grand Rapids, Michigan has been molesting the children in his care. You see this kind of nightmare on "Law and Order" or "CSI," but you never think it could happen near you. The proximity of this crime is deeply disturbing. (there's more)

This daycare house is on the corner of Kelsey St. and Fuller Ave., and is easily recognizable from the large, brightly colored playground equipment in the chain-link fenced front yard. It is on the opposite side of the street from a Methodist church. So, not only was he raping little girls, he was committing this heinous crime less than 100ft from a house of worship. The thousands of Grand Rapidians who pass by this Fuller Ave. house on their way to work each day will easily recognize the residence I am referring to. It is less than 100 yards north of my house.

The alledged pedophile's daycare center had it's license revoked November 29th. The pervert is currently in custody after 2 children told their parents that this obese-piece-o-human-waste molested them. This same daycare home was inspected in December of 2004 and was found to have kiddie porn on a computer. The state did not act to shut down this daycare for 11 more months because the police officer present did not understand the kiddie porn law and did not know that kiddie porn refers to any lewd photos of people under 18, even though the state licensing investigator showed them to the cop. Allegations of physical abuse surfaced two years ago when a little girl told her parents that this man was hurting her.

I'm not encouraging anyone to do anything illegal, but let us as a community come together to let this creep know that he is no longer welcome here.

Whatever can be done to keep this pervert locked away for as long as possible MUST be done. Let's castrate the bastard, let's make certain that he can never go near another child ever again, and let's also make certain that he knows that he is not welcome back in Grand Rapids when he gets out of prison. Let's make it clearly known nationwide that sexual predators will not be tolerated in our community.

Please forward this message to everyone you know. Thanks.

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