Thursday, November 10, 2005

Photography Slideshow - Leaves of Confusion

This is a gutwrenching photo exhibit. Poverty on parade. This will motivate you to do more for your fellow human than ever before. You are forewarned.

A few weeks ago, the Brazilian photographer Flavio Cannalonga walked among the people in the Chapare, Bolivia. From that experience came this brief but beautiful exhibit. "Narco-traffickers are definitely nowhere to be found there. Only regular people, only children, only the old, only men and women. Victimized, abandoned, forgotten," says Cannalonga of the coca growers of the Tropic of Cochabamba.

Flavio Cannalonga (text by Luis Gomez) at Salón Chingón
Intro and Translation:
QuickTime slideshow: (22mg download)

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