Sunday, November 27, 2005

REVIEW: The Quest for Environmental Justice: Human Rights and the Politics of Pollution

Author: Robert D Bullard
Review by: Publishers Weekly (Copyright Reed Business Information, Inc.)

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Dr. Robert Bullard offers a disturbing account of the environmental and human cost of the excesses of capitalism in this follow-up to Unequal Protection: Environmental Justice and Communities of Color. This volume takes a fresh look at the often unequal distribution of environmental hazards to poor and minority communities, examining locations from Louisiana's "Cancer Alley" to Nigeria. In part one, women activists detail their gutsy battles against the combined power of business and government when their minority neighborhoods were threatened by industrial pollution. Part two tells the stories of people (again, mostly minorities and the poor) living in "sacrifice zones," such as Cancer Alley - the stretch down the Mississippi River in Louisiana where approximately 80 percent of the total African American community in the nine parishes lives within three miles of a polluting facility. Parts three and four examine Chicano struggles in the Southwest and global justice issues, "including corrupt... petro-capitalism" in Nigeria, where deep poverty persists despite the country's oil wealth. Readers can learn much about those who pay the costs in safety and health for many of modern life's conveniences.

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