Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Biden vs. McCain?

Do you think Democrat Senator Joe Biden can beat Republican Senator John McCain in the next presidential race?

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John Stewart blasted McCain last night on the Daily Show for speaking at the commencement address of Jerry Falwell's university this week. McCain is turning to the Christian right already. I have lost all respect for him.


Dyre42 said...

I don't think Biden can get the nomination. Although if he did and McCain managed to pull it off as well we'd likely the most civil presidential election in years (according to an NPR interview with Biden).

Odds are McCain is using the old Nixon strategy of running to the right early and swinging back to the middle come mid election season. I could be wrong, but I doubt it.

Jerome Alicki said...

The NPR interview mentioned above is available on NPR's site if anyone is interested.

Something inside of me does not want civility. I want a bloodbath. A real trouncing of Republicans, not just by Dems, but by Independents also. Seems to me that the country is going to be ripe for wiping the slate clean and ridding Washington of the Republican Scourge.

My goal/strategy, if you're interested, is to play dirty. I'm going to smear as many Republicans on this site as I can in the next year, and support as many independent, Green and Democrat candidates as my time and bloody typing finger stumps allow.

Let's play dirty. Let's give 'em hell.