Thursday, April 20, 2006

Michigan's Democrat Governor Granholm announces new mercury reductions

Mercury is a dangerous toxin that is linked to learning disabilities, lowered IQ, developmental delays, and other health problems especially in children. Mercury is emitted into the air through smokestacks, falls into our waterways in the rain and snow, and accumulates up the food chain in fish. Today in the U.S., one in six women of childbearing age has levels of mercury in her blood that would put a child at risk. We have the technology to virtually eliminate mercury from the largest source—power plants. We have the technology to stop using coal altogether.

On Monday, April 17, 2006 Governor Granholm announced that she will require power plants to reduce mercury pollution by 90 percent by 2015. These reductions will need to be adopted by the Legislature- please make sure to send the message to let your legislator know this is important to you!

This is an important step towards protecting children's health across Michigan. Your Representatives and Senators can continue this protection by supporting additional efforts to reduce mercury from Michigan and support an energy plan that promotes clean energy technologies that protect children's health.

The Michigan League of Conservation Voters has a pre-written support letter available for you to sign and email to Governor Granholm and your state legislator.

Over in Ubly, Michigan, windpower is on the rise. Thirty-two turbines are scheduled to arrive in Huron County this June, marking Michigan's full-scale leap into the wind energy industry. You can read all about the new wind farm on the Michigan Land Use Institute's website.

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